Smart Home Technology: The lowdown on living smarter

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Smart Home Technology is an exciting development in home comfort and security, and our Get Amped team is proud to add Wiserᵀᴹ Smart Home Technology system installations to the list of services we provide.

Smart Home systems are a wonderful way of making life that much easier and more comfortable for you and your family. Imagine a system that keeps your family safe, monitoring your home while you’re asleep or enjoying life, as well as while you’re away.

Now imagine that same system also integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle and offers you extra comfort and convenience in your day-to-day life; a system that opens your front gate when you arrive home, opens your blinds when the sun comes out, turns on your air conditioning when the day heats up, or dims your lights as the evening winds down and you’re settling into sleep.

The best Smart Home systems are efficient, flexible and scalable. They can be designed to suit your budget and scaled to grow as your family’s needs change over time. They’re able to both monitor the security of your property while you’re away and keep your family safe and comfortable while you’re home.

And they do all of this in style, blending seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic with superior design features you’ll love.

Wiserᵀᴹ Smart Home systems fit the bill. Easily installed by our qualified technicians, the Wiserᵀᴹ system is flexible and scalable, the ultimate smart home solution. The Wiserᵀᴹ Smart Home range includes motion sensors, switches, timers, dimmers, temperature and humidity sensors, and more.

The range is compatible with other PDL Smart Home products, giving you maximum flexibility to connect with other PDL wiring device ranges such as Iconic switches and sockets, and is available in both a BlueTooth and Wi-Fi option. It’s both highly customisable and scalable to suit your needs.

If you’re thinking about installing a Smart Home system in your new or existing home, there are some key factors to consider while deciding on the right system for you.



Our techs will need to know who will be living in the home, and any particular needs they might have. How many people live there? What is the age range? Who is home during the day? Does anyone have mobility limitations or health concerns requiring specific temperature or humidity consideration? The more information we have, the better we can tailor your system to your family’s needs.



Knowing the reason you’ve decided to install a smart home system is key to making sure the system we design for you actually delivers what you need it to. For some families, the primary consideration is security; for others, it’s comfort and convenience.

Whatever your reason for wanting to install a system at this point in time, it’s important to share your reasons with our techs so we can make sure to deliver what you’re after!



Obviously, your budget will determine what you can afford right now. But the good news is that with the scalability of the Wiserᵀᴹ Smart Home range, you can add to your system as time goes on. This means that a limited budget does not mean you’ll be stuck with a system that isn’t up to par for your family’s specific needs.


Existing Devices

What existing smart devices do you already have that your Smart Home system needs to connect to? Do you have an automated front gate or garage door in place? Do you have smart lighting installed? Knowing the details of your existing Smart Home devices will help our technicians design a system for you that incorporates as many of those devices as possible.


With the answers to these key questions, our technicians can help put together the ultimate Smart Home solution for you.

Interested in finding out more? We’d love to chat with you to see if a smart home system is right for you! Just call us to book an obligation-free consult with one of our experienced technicians.