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It’s something you never think will happen to you. We see and hear the news that more and more cars are getting stolen or broken into across the Kapiti and Wellington Region, and unfortunately, the rate of crime doesn’t seem to be slowing at all.

Police confirmed there were 290 vehicles stolen around the Wellington Police District in February, 310 in March, and another 240 up until 20 April, and this doesn’t include break-ins!

The vast majority of people usually react strongly once a break in or theft has happened; they rush out to purchase a home security system. We’re not going to lie, we’re in that group. Get Amped Electrical have been victim to a break ins of our vehicles over the last 18 months. Tools were stolen, windows were smashed, and ute canopies were damaged.. but it wasn’t until these break ins occurred that we decided to do something to prevent this happening again.

What options are available? 

Don’t wait until something happens to you, being prepared is key, and there are a number of options and ways to suit all situations and budgets to meet your security goals.

Home security and doorbell cameras, such as Arlo and Ring
With new tech becoming more available and mainstream, it’s now even more affordable to set up home security cameras. From dotting several cameras around your property that are activated by motion, or installing a doorbell camera to ensure you have all corners of your property covered.

Security lighting
Security lighting activated by sensors can be a good deterrent for unwanted guests if your property is tucked away down a long drive or if you’re located in a quiet or rural neighbourhood.

Smart or remote controlled lights 
You can now purchase smart lights that connect to an app on your phone, meaning if you are away on holiday you can set timers or activate certain lights to make it look as though you have never left home!

Electronic or keyless door locks
Have you ever left the house and wondered ‘Did I lock the doors?’. Electronic door or keyless locks not only make it much harder for burglars to break in, you can also control the lock via an app on your phone so you can be 100% sure everything is locked up, as well as grant entry to family or friends when you’re not there.

Electric gates
Electric gates can be more on the pricey side, however they certainly do the job to improve security, especially for properties with longer driveways, or in secluded areas, where criminals often target. If the rest of your property is fully fenced, adding an electric gate to your driveway is another barrier to prevent break ins or thefts.

Security alarms – including monitoring by a professional service
Getting set up with a professional monitored alarm system is another great way to protect your biggest asset – your home. We work alongside and recommend Coast Security, Kapiti for all your alarm needs. They offer installation of house alarm systems carried out by experienced technicians and using the latest technology. Once your alarm is installed they will back you with on-going support including regular servicing and maintenance.

For peace of mind, being proactive rather than reactive in all aspects of your residential security will pay off in the long run. Get Amped Electrical is here to help with all aspects of your home security. So Give us a call on 04 298 6260 and we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements.