Sleep lighting – What is it and how can it benefit you?

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Scrolling and swiping through social media, watching TV or working on your laptop. It’s safe to say in this tech-reliant world, most of us spend a lot of time staring at screens and are starting to hear more about the effect that can have on our eye health – but did you know it can also play havoc with your sleep routine as well?

The Science

There are certain lighting characteristics that can be important for sleep. Shorter wavelengths (the colour blue) have been proven to suppress melatonin, a natural sleep-regulating hormone, whereas longer wavelengths (the colour red) may not have any effect on your melatonin levels..

When it goes dark, our brain is hard-wired to start producing melatonin to help us get to sleep. Turning on bright lights and staring at blue-light emitting devices can disrupt this process, it’s resetting your body clock – causing you to wake up during the night and therefore disrupting your sleep.

Solve the sleep struggles

If you struggle getting to sleep at night, it’s easy to assume the likely culprit is your phone or laptop, however the mass-marketed LED, a relatively new addition to our lives, which we see in almost all new builds, could be catching you out!

LED lights, while being more energy efficient, produce more blue light. In the last few years, the negative impact of LEDs and their bright blue light is only beginning to be recognised in research, which is now leading to new innovation and products that incorporate both energy efficiency and a reduction in blue light.

There is now a whole range of lighting technology to suit your needs. ‘Sleep lighting’ which emits orange and red tones can be used in different areas of your home to assist in matching your body’s natural rhythms and come in a range of downlights, bulbs and lamps. And depending where you and your family spend most of your time before bed, would depend on where you are best suited to get these installed.

Visionary Technologies NZ

We’ve partnered with Visionary Technologies who lead lighting industry innovation to bring better products to New Zealand. Manufactured in NZ, their Christchurch product facility with a 7-10 year warranty, they bring you some of Industry’s highest eye safety compliance lighting with proven benefits to help you sleep easier.

Sleep Much Faster – Reduce time to sleep by 23% using Sleep Technology.
Wake More Refreshed – Morning awakening experience improved by 1.3x over typical LED lighting.
Decrease Eye Fatigue – Significantly decreases eye fatigue and improves visual eye comfort.
Assists Deeper Sleep – Assists in higher Delta activity to assist in deeper sleep.

For more information about Visionary lighting check out their website here, or to chat to us further about other sleep lighting options, call us on 04 298 6260 and we’ll be happy to help.